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Video and interviews with Marco Gerbella,
the master of the goldsmith art

Here is a collection of video interviews with Marco Gerbella, master of the goldsmith art, introducing to his refined craftsmanship and to the deep passion used to create his precious lines of jewels.

The first of 12 questions put to Marco Gerbella

An interview with Marco where he speaks about his many years in this business and his passions. He talks of his encounters with master goldsmiths, his travels, work experience and relations with places and people.
AD Cosetta Gardini/Casa Walden – Video directed and produced by Leo Canali

The second of 12 questions put to Marco Gerbella

Magica Natura
a Marco Gerbella Orafi film for Piccole Gioie

It’s dedicated to the Nature and its being so perfect and so different, so surprising every time despite its continuous cyclicality. It’s the original movie MAGICA NATURA, a Marco Gerbella Orafi film for Piccole Gioie, was conceived to present the new creations and to exalt the collection once again.

In the wonderful setting of a country resort down to the green hills of Romagna, some magnificent creatures pay homage to a free-spirited, elegant and wild character,  At the same time, they adorn her figure with their treasures, with their Piccole Gioie. A necklace that goes down the neck, a ring into the flower petals enclosed in the palm of a hand…
Thus, we can enter into a natural and fantastic universe where everything seems an adventure. The crescendo of emotions is brilliantly due to the choice of the narrative plot and to the flowing of the sequences which are just apparently chaotic. In fact, everything returns in harmony, it’s perfectly studied and calibrated and once again the protagonist is the wonderful Nature, that gives her precious items knowing that she will receive splendid jewels sooner or later.

An escalation of sequences, the close-ups, the refined and careful details on the nature’s colors and elements give light and receive the three models. With a ceaseless and throbbing rhythm, a typical western style soundtrack underlines the succession of actions, glances, camera movements using this technique to involve the viewer emotionally. Therefore, immediately, we find ourselves transported into a magical and wild atmosphere that only nature is able to give us.
This is how the new Marco Gerbella Orafi film was born. It’s a visual and emotional impact film, rich of the unmistakable and unique way typical of the magnetic and visionary American director Quentin Tarantino’s movies.

a Marco Gerbella Orafi film
Art Director Cosetta Gardini / Casa Walden
Directed by Leo Canali
Director of Photography Stefano De Pieri, AIC
Make-Up and Hair Apollonia Tolo
Music by Giulia Laurenzi
Collaboration Sara Pignatari
Jewelry Coordinator and Supervisor for Marco Gerbella Orafi Martina Masotti
with Ness Gerbella Bini, Caterina Ramoni, Valentina Gardini
Location Corte San Ruffillo, Dovadola (FC) – Italia
All Original Jewelry by Marco Gerbella Orafi

Marco Gerbella in 7 minutes

Seemingly easy, the creation of a little jewel requires expert hands, skill, love and passion. Like the heart you will see modelled in this evocative video, where Marco Gerbella works with all the experience accumulated over many years in this profession. The added value, in addition to the materials used, is the mastery needed to manufacture it.
The video was made by friend and director, Stefano Mordini

The knots on the cord bracelet

A trade specialist, filmed by Filippo Giunti, teaches us how to easily make adjustable knots on a bracelet. For this tutorial the cord is made of cotton, but you could also use leather. The jewel was made in Marco Gerbella’s workshop in Ravenna, by Dario Gerbella. Perhaps you should buy one ready-made!

LA7 television station . program LIKE

We presented the company and the jewelry on LA7 in the program Like aired Saturday, December 12.

Colours/Details campaign

Videos designed for Colours/Details campaign for the Little Jewels line Colour becomes movement to convey the beauty of these precious jewels.

AD Cosetta Gardini/Casa Walden – Video directed and produced by Leo Canali

Piccole Gioie

“There is… a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen). This quote aptly captures the elegance and sparkle of the Little Jewels line.

AD Cosetta Gardini/Casa Walden – Video directed and produced by Leo Canali

Gestures/Munari campaign

The design of these videos is inspired by Bruno Munari’s “Supplemento al dizionario italiano” (Supplement to the Italian dictionary) – published in 1963. The idea revolves around symbolic gestures in our daily life. 

AD Cosetta Gardini/Casa Walden – Video directed and produced by Leo Canali

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