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Piccole Gioie to impress emotions in your heart

In the Age of Ancient Egypt it was a symbol of power and protection. With the Greeks and the Romans it became it stood for nobility and institutions. In the Middle Ages it identified the most prestigious families. Today, a great classical, that has crossed history along so many centuries, back in fashion with Marco Gerbella: it’s the Seal, in a new interpretation that’s able capable to impress emotions in your heart and to follow trends.

The Sigilli Collection’s jewellery

Marco Gerbella follows and interprets the styles and fashions of every Time among the historical courses and recurrences, to create an iconic and refined jewellery. This is the reason why today the Piccole Gioie line is enriched by the new Sigilli Collection with its evocative, elegant and contemporary creations.

It was worn by pharaohs, nobles, high ranking figures and others. The jewel-seal has come to our days being imbued with many different symbols and meanings. It has gone from being an instrument of authenticity and a coat of arms to be handed down to the highest expression of the goldsmith’s art. The frames, the shapes and the materials have changed, adapting to the fashions of the times, but the engravings and the stones’ setting remain the main features of this jewel.

The rings, the bracelet and the necklaces of The Sigilli Collection by Marco Gerbella are made of 18K gold and diamonds. They are jewels that are proposed in a variety of shapes, sizes and inlays to meet every woman’s style. They are romantic creations, they are able to impress the truest emotions in your heart and to seal the strongest feelings. Thanks to their light, elegant and contemporary design, they will characterise every look and enhance the special occasions on which they are worn.

Piccole Gioie always on trend

Among the many offered collections, choose the jewel that expresses your style and your way of being on every occasion. Marco Gerbella’s jewels are made-in-Italy creations with an iconic design, the result of expert gold craftsmanship. These jewels are born to seal a feeling and to impress the most important emotions in your heart and they will accompany you in every special moment of your life. They are Piccole Gioie, always on trend, and you can wear them to feel unique or you can give them as a gift.

What are you waiting for? Get inspired!

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