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Spring has arrived and new Piccole Gioie have blossomed

The scent is in the air, the colors are in the flowers and plants, the days are longer and hotter and people are happier. Finally! Spring has arrived and new Piccole Gioie have blossomed at Marco Gerbella Orafi.

And so… it’s time to renew our look, to change our shoes and clothes, to do our makeup and hair in a different way. So what better occasion to choose the new jewels by Piccole Gioie?

Spring has arrived and it brings with it new Collections

New Collections for this Spring 2023.
Lines are dedicated to symbols always belonging to us with ancient roots and therefore timeless. Two Collections to give us new emotions, new Piccole Gioie.

It is the lucky charm par excellence, it is the four-leaf clover. It’s so small and discreet that it blends into the grass, but finding it is always a joy. So off you put it between the pages of a book to keep the luck and the feeling of that moment.
And the same feeling you felt by wearing the jewelry from the Four-Leaf clover Collection by Marco Gerbella Orafi. The four hearts converge their tips in the center forming leaves and they are illuminated by diamonds that highlight the line. Rings, bracelets, necklaces. It’s a fortune you can choose them!

Spring is also the preferred time for any type of ceremony. And when you are lucky enough to celebrate an important moment or date, you hope it will be “forever”. A dream that sometimes comes true sometimes not, but it doesn’t matter. Because in that moment it is beautiful to seal the feeling and emotion with a jewel from the new Infinity Collection by Marco Gerbella Orafi. Gold and diamonds draw the shape of this timeless and truly infinite symbol.

Piccole Gioie for every season

Among the many proposed collections, you can choose the jewel that expresses your style and way of being in every season. Marco Gerbella Orafi‘s jewelry is a made in Italy creation with an iconic design that’s the result of an expert gold craftsmanship. The jewels are born to convey a feeling and sharing with you every special moment of your life. They are always on trend creations and you can wear them to feel unique or you can give them as a gift.

 Get inspired, visit our e-shop now to discover that Spring has arrived and new Piccolo Gioie have blossomed.

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