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piccole gioie san valentino gerbella
piccole gioie san valentino gerbella

Hugs, caresses, precious bonds

For Valentine's Day gives Piccole Gioie

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. It’s not just love, it’s kindness, tenderness, trust, understanding and protection each other.
We fall in love with a person, an animal, a journey, a scent and even a food.
Every day it’s worth falling in love without being afraid to show our emotions with a smile, a kiss, a caress or a hug.
The embrace is powerful, it is the gesture of love that most of all transmits, from body to body, from soul to soul, an immediate flow of sensations and emotions that seal a precious bond.
It’s precious like the 18k gold shaped by Marco Gerbella, with unspeakable love and skilled hands, to create his Piccole Gioie: rings and bracelets are born to bind a promise, to exchange an act of love.
Piccole Gioie are the right jewels to hug the one you love, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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