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Piccole Gioie for Mother's Day, your jewel

Two hearts intertwine, one large and one small, inextricably linked by a chain that becomes a necklace and a bracelet. These are the new jewels of the Piccole Gioie for Mother’s Day, your jewel.

A mother's jewel, Piccole Gioie for her Day

All made of gold, the most precious metal for the most precious of people to celebrate and to thank for having been there and continuing to be there, always, like a point of reference and an example of innate strength and indispensable love.
Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, when nature is exploding in its beauty, the buds of future flowers and delicious fruits appear on the branches, the sky is bluer and energy, sunshine and life are released into the atmosphere.
It is not by chance that the term Mother is also used to describe the power of Nature, or the Earth that welcomes us all. Mother is the one who loves you beyond everything, who knows how to listen to you because she knows you. She’s the one who will always welcome you and protect you with her “branches”.

Details in the shots framing the Piccole Gioie

Elegant images to capture the purity and finesse of  Marco Gerbella Orafi‘s new jewel, which comes down from the flowering branch, as if it were a bud that is blossoming, a wonder of nature that is reborn every year and gives us its fruits.
It is an important occasion to celebrate Mother’s Day, every mother’s day, and to thank her for being a woman, a worker, a spur, a support and a caregiver. In short, for being a mother.
For every mother, children are as precious as jewels, so let’s show her our love with the latest creations with two hearts by Piccole Gioie di Marco Gerbella Orafi.

No language can express the power, the beauty, the heroism of maternal love.
E. H. Chapin

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