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Piccole Gioie and daily gestures

A simple gesture is worth a thousand words

The Piccole Gioie tributes to the artist Bruno Munari and his “Supplemento al dizionario italiano” published in 1963. The typical gestures of our daily life are immortalized, gestures of understanding common to all, expression of moods and intentions. Manual ability belongs to the Italian tradition, it’s synonymous with craftsmanship and connotes every form of art.

The Piccole Gioie of Marco Gerbella are the jewels for every day, simple elegance and elegant simplicity, It’s really natural to wear them every day as natural, every day, are our gestures.

Press 1958

La Domenica del Corriere

Article extracted from the weekly La Domenica del Corriere, August 10, 1958 to promote the release of the first edition of the Supplemento al Dizionario Italiano by Bruno Munari.

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