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Mum, with you I feel at Home

When you are sad, happy or just confused, when you cry or laugh and even when you are grumpy, “She” is always there. She’s present and protective, sharing with you every joyful or less beautiful moment of life. That’s why Marco Gerbella has created new jewels that gently whisper “Mum, with you I feel at Home“, a special collection of Piccole Gioie to express all your love to her.

Mother’s Day Jewels

Mum is… a safe haven in which to find refuge, she’s so loving and caring. She is that trusted friend to go shopping with or the one to borrow a stylish piece of jewelry. It is that favorite sweet you can’t wait to taste when you get home. It smells of bedtime stories and fairy tales and it’s as warm as a long-awaited hug. Every child inhabits her heart and there is nothing she would not do for them.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Marco Gerbella dedicates to “Her” the new jewels from the House Collection by Piccole Gioie.  These are special creations in 18K gold and diamonds that contain a sweet message of love: “Mum, with you I feel at Home.”  So the gold design takes the stylized shape of a house enclosing inside a diamonds pave heart. They are elements strong by nature, as solid as home walls and as bright as the heart of a mother who envelops everything with her love.

For Mother’s Day, choose to give her the Necklace or the Cord Bracelet with gold and diamonds from the House Collection. Symbolic and celebratory jewelry just created to whisper to her “Mum, with you I feel at Home” expressing love and gratitude.

Piccole Gioie... to feel at Home on every occasion

Among the many offered collections, choose the jewel that expresses your style and your way of being on every occasion. Marco Gerbella’s jewels are made-in-Italy creations with an iconic design, the result of expert gold craftsmanship.

These jewels are born to convey a feeling and accompany you in every special moment of your life. Always on trend you can wear them to feel unique or you can give them as a gift. What are you waiting for? Get inspired!

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