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A Magical Christmas

Ludovica Bizzaglia for Marco Gerbella

That long-awaited time of year has arrived, made up of festivities, lights and traditions, full of Piccole Gioie to put under the tree, creating shared emotions. A Magical Christmas where every precious detail makes the difference. An even brighter atmosphere made by Marco Gerbella’s new jewels, presented by an exceptional endorser, Ludovica Bizzaglia. The young actress wears the 18K gold and diamond creations of the Water Collection and the Bar Collection. The light and the whiteness of Christmas are also echoed in the great classics of the Heart Collection. Author’s jewellery always on trend just to give or receive as a gift to wish and to experience wonderful Holidays!

Ludovica Bizzaglia ambassador of a Magico Natale

Once again Marco Gerbella chooses the young actress Ludovica Bizzaglia as the interpreter of his jewellery collections. This way, the Magical Christmas by Piccole Gioie inspires and fascinates. The protagonist is a very elegant Ludovica, wrapped in long white dresses and warm and comfortable winter sweaters. Everything glows with gold, charm and white light, enhancing the new jewellery creations becoming precious gifts for those who receive them, for those who wear them.

Piccole Gioie for a Magical Christmas

It is therefore truly a Magical Christmas the one by Marco Gerbella, being capable of dressing the little joys of the festive season in lights and rediscovered emotions.
There will be emotions like those that the new jewels of the Bar Collection will donate: creations with enchanting diamonds in series, set in 18K gold. Or like the exclusive Water Collection, characterised by the teardrop shape of 18K gold and the pure light of diamonds. Or, finally, like the enveloping refinement of an iconic and timeless design of the jewels in the Heart Collection.
Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, everything is finely crafted and masterfully and it will transport you in a dream atmosphere, made of Piccole Gioie and Magical Christmas.

At Christmas, give Piccole Gioie

Among the many collections on offer, at Christmas choose to give Piccole Gioie as a gift. For yourself or your loved ones, you will always find the ideal piece of jewellery to put under the tree. These are made-in-Italy creations with an iconic design, the result of expert gold craftsmanship and quality raw materials. They are trendy jewellery that will surprise those who receive them or accompany you in every special moment of your life, preserving the magic of the Holidays.

Get inspired for your Christmas gifts, give now Piccole Gioie

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