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a Piccole Gioie’s Christmas, an expression of art and beauty

Dedication and research, passion and discipline. These are common values to all the arts, they are essential to create something unique and precious. For this reason, with  Marco Gerbella, will be a Piccole Gioie’s Christmas, an expression of art and beauty. The jewels of the new Forma e Luce collection are illuminated by the magic of diamonds and they will shine, releasing all the enveloping warmth of gold. They are elegant and refined gifts to give to those you love, in the most joyful time of the year.

Artistic suggestions in Marco Gerbella’s Christmas

Two artists, two charisms, two passions. In Marco Gerbella’s Christmas, arts and performers meet to give life to that culture of beauty, which becomes dance, which becomes gold. From the dedication and perseverance in giving others something magical and perfect, a precious collaboration with Nicoletta Manni has thus been sealed.
The dance world of the Prima Ballerina merges with the goldsmith inspiration of Marco Gerbella to create a mutual exaltation, an expression of art and beauty which will dance in the light of the new Piccole Gioie.

the Forma e Luce Collection gives piccole gioie, an expression of art and beauty

At Christmas time, the sinuous navette, drop and oval shapes of the new Piccole Gioie will give art and beauty to those you love! The necklaces, the rings, the earrings and the seals of the Forma e Luce collection are the perfect gift to put under the tree. They are precious and evocative pieces to wear on any occasion and give everyone to experience magical emotions.

Discover the Forma e Luce collection! It’s available exclusively at selected retailers throughout Italy, or by writing to

You can also choose your favourite jewel from the wide selection of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces on the E-Shop. Marco Gerbella wants to be your perfect partner to transform every wonderful moment into Piccole Gioie to share. Let yourself be inspired and give an emotion with Piccole Gioie to give at Christmas too!

2021 Christmas Campaign by Casa Walden Comunicazione / Creative Direction Cosetta Gardini/ Creative direction assistance Miriam Floresta / Photos Fausto Fabbri / Videos Leo Canali, Photography director Stefano De Pieri / Makeup Apollonia Tolo / Model and testimonial Nicoletta Manni / Location Teatro Angelo Masini, Faenza.

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