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The Piccole Gioie line

Piccole Gioie was the response to a need: to create a new concept of jewellery that would capture the enthusiasm of a curious, young and lively audience and convey the beauty and value of craftsmanship and “handmade” to them. Young people are looking for feeling and Piccole Gioie wants to convey emotions to them.

Piccole Gioie: is an act of love

After 40 years of work, sitting at the bench of his goldsmith’s workshop, after creating countless jewels of the highest level and unique in their kind, Marco Gerbella is ready to create excitement with a completely different, fresh and original line that responds to the curiosity and emotions of young people.

“Piccole Gioie was born from a moment of extraordinary passion in my life, love for my family, and for my work. Many components combined in its inception, firstly the intuition that there is a broad group of people with sensitivity and taste who are looking for beautiful and emotionally engaging objects… they want a jewel with meaning … 

A young girl who buys a “Piccole Gioie” ring will develop a taste that may one day lead her to collect diamonds. “Piccole Gioie” thus becomes an initiation into the world of jewellery … a valuable emotion.” (Marco Gerbella)

In 2010, the first collection of Piccole Gioie was born, and in 2014 it made its debut at the Vicenza Oro fair with a project to spread the brand. Heart-shaped bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, all in 18K gold wire. Gold wire is the simplest and oldest form of jewellery, but it requires a very high level of experience in goldsmithing and skilled craftsmanship. The heart is a symbol, a figure that has always existed and the gold wire creates its shape perfectly.

Today our Piccole Gioie have grown, alongside the historic Cuore (Heart) collection, new collections have been added with precious stones and diamonds, polished, hammered and enamelled gold plates. 

They are elegant jewels of value. They can satisfy all needs, be it an easily affordable present from a young girl to a friend, or from boyfriend to girlfriend, up to the marvellous diamond necklaces that are simply shaped but precious gifts for truly unforgettable occasions and anniversaries.

Marco Gerbella Orafi encourages ethical trading practices by purchasing raw materials from certified supply chains and each diamond is KPCS certified.

We are artists and artisans.
We are aesthetes and navigators.
We are apprentices and masters.
We are…

Threads that intertwine

available in stores
available in stores

Hands that seek each other

Colours that shine

available in stores

Eyes that question

available in stores

Elements that unite

Thoughts that blend

Souls that protect

Available in stores

Lights that come on

Available in stores
Available in stores

Scents that intoxicate

available in stores

Gestures that overwhelm

available in stores

Heartbeats that shudder

Available in stores

Challenges that are won

available in stores

We are... Piccole Gioie

available in stores
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