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Guide to your ring size

To find the most suitable ring size, compare the diameter of another ring with the image on the size table.

Choose the size that allows you to easily slip the ring along your finger. If the measurement is between two sizes, it is better to opt for the larger one.
The sizes indicated here refer to European measurements.

Take a wedding ring or a simple band that fits perfectly on the finger where you want to wear a Little Jewels ring. Use a ruler to measure the internal diameter of the ring and look for the equivalent diameter in the circles in the table provided in the .PDF guide. For example, a diameter of 15.92 mm will correspond to size 50.

As a further check, print the sheet with the measurements (on an A4 page in a 1:1 scale) and check the “20 mm” scale reference with a ruler: if the printed measurement does not match (for example, if the measurement on your ruler shows 19 mm), it is necessary to reprint the table to obtain the actual measurements. Place the ring on the circles of the table to determine the exact size. The inner circumference of the ring must coincide perfectly with the diameter of the selected circle.


Finger size varies from hand to hand and can vary over the course of the day and depending on climatic conditions. Therefore, avoid measuring your finger if your hands are either too cold or warm. We recommend you measure your finger at the end of the day.

MARCO GERBELLA ORAFI cannot be held responsible in the event of errors related to the use of these tools.

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