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A story of passion, art and sea

This is my story. It’s a story full of love, wise experience, precious places and people. They are precious like the jewels that I finely crafted with care and mastery. This is a story of passion, art and sea. This is Marco Gerbella Orafi.

I am a goldsmith who loves the sea

Travel and the sea have always been among my greatest passions. And always, since I was a child, I have loved jewels. Water and gold.

At the age of 14, I started studying the goldsmith’s art and was apprenticed to a goldsmith in my home town. At 23, I moved to Valenza and worked as a model maker for the De Lazzari company in Casale Monferrato. Yet it was later, in Maestro Giuseppe Marotto’s atelier, that I refined my creativity and technique. He was an all-round artist, a goldsmith, photographer and painter, and he helped me to see the shapes and understand the essence of our work. He taught me aesthetic appreciation and led me to understand the importance of a clean and elegant workplace. He trained me in the discipline and the importance of beauty in all artistic forms. I consolidated and refined my craft as a goldsmith while with him.

After this fundamental learning experience, I decided to return to my home town and open my workshop, where I continued to create unique pieces of high jewellery: gold, diamonds and gems carefully crafted to create exclusive and precious jewels. It was 1993, and I was 27; that same year, I bought my first sailing boat. Water and gold.

Finally, in 2007, I took the decisive step of opening a jewellery shop in the centre of Ravenna. People liked it. My staff and I were thrilled, and it marked a small revolution in the jewellery field. The production of refined and elegant jewellery continued, the shop increased our visibility and attracted ever greater numbers of customers. It was time to be more daring. 

In 2010, the Piccole Gioie line was born: a completely different jewellery collection that is both young and innovative, fresh and original, interpreting a new approach to jewellery in line with the air of change that was also sweeping through the jewellery world. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings in gold wire, strictly 18K, worked in the shape of a heart. The simplicity of the form hides a deep knowledge of the art, a perfect combination of natural flair and skills acquired over many years.

My love of the sea has never waned. I love everything about it: I like being out on a surfboard or a boat and I like diving to see the fish, the seafloor, and the coral reefs. Form the beach, I also like to contemplate a horizon that becomes lost between sea and sky.

I continue to travel to enrich my creativity and broaden my views; I have toured extensively throughout the world and I continue to do so, especially in India and the East, looking for inspiration for my jewellery. My beautiful city, Ravenna, has also been a source of inspiration for my work, with its wealth of mosaics and artworks that never fail to thrill me. Then again, Ravenna is on the sea. Water and gold.

But… the real jewels are the people closest to me.

With Titti, my wife and partner, I am raising three children; Ness, who is 24, Francesco, 14, and Romeo who is 12. They share my love of the sea, sailing and wave surfing. These are the members of my family, my loved ones that drive my energies and creativity.

Not only is my daughter Ness helping me create our sales network, she also interprets the Piccole Gioie jewellery in our advertising images and videos and social media campaigns. Although she is not a model, I specifically wanted to involve her because she is part of me and of what I create, an endorser who manages to give a profound meaning to our corporate image.

Then, there is my staff, whom I prefer to call my crew because I learned some important business rules and how to organize a working group from my sailing experience. They are like a second family. Together we produce ideas and projects and every day at work we discuss how to meet the needs of our customers. We share the emotions of success and tackle the difficulties that we sometimes encounter, then we move forward together with the spirit that unites a great team.

I also work with my brothers, who are my primary collaborators, confidantes, and allies: I share the responsibility of the laboratory with Dario, while Giampiero – who is a graphic designer – created our company logo and image. I am lucky to be able to do a job I love and to be surrounded by people with whom I feel good.

Water and gold. The first speaks of my nature, the second of my profession.

Each one is essential for the existence of the other.

Ravenna is the element that unites them, combining the water of the sea with the gold of its mosaics.

Craftsmanship and Unique Pieces

Italy has a prestigious and high-level goldsmithing tradition. The art of the goldsmith has always been synonymous with working by hand, with bench tools and above all the remarkable skills and knowledge of goldsmiths. Today we use sophisticated technologies, and some of the processes are carried out with the aid of computers and machinery.

Marco Gerbella Orafi has worked for years on the creation of precious jewels, unique luxury pieces, rings with diamonds and precious stones, set to form wonderful shapes and forms that radiate light and majesty. The skills learned over years in the workshop and through study are respected and elevated to the highest level.

We form a great crew

This is the staff at Marco Gerbella Orafi

Cristina Musconi . Goldsmith and cofounder
Maria Dubbini . Goldsmith and restorer
Dario Gerbella . Workshop Manager / Marco’s brother
Alice Tiranno . Goldsmith
Federica Belletti . Administration manager
Valentina Gardini . Sales and Orders Manager
Martina Masotti . Marketing Manager
Martina Vignali . Orders Manager
Laura Bini . Shop manager
Ilenia Rustignoli . Shop Assistant
Ness Gerbella . Sale development, fashion model and Marco’s daughter

We are Marco Gerbella Orafi
made of passion, art and sea

A group of people actually form a crew a when they share values, passions, goals and rules. When people listen to each other and compare and mix opinions, when each individual contribution becomes part of the whole, when you enter the workshop or store and hear people who, like you, are living the moment, living their work and involved in creating…

Each depends on the others; they complement each other, and all are working towards the same result.

A crew becomes a laboratory of creativity when it works with deep respect for what it was, for the traditions and arts of the past and with sincere enthusiasm for what it will become, for the innovations and creations still to be invented. 

A crew becomes a family when we care for each other, when well-being is as important as working well.

This is who we are. Marco Gerbella Orafi.

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