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Marco Gerbella’s Unique, original and precious Pieces

Gold, diamonds and gems: special jewels for special occasions

The Unique Pieces are the concrete outcome of over 30 years’ experience in practising the goldsmith’s art, a path that Marco Gerbella began in his youth. He initially worked as an apprentice in a goldsmith’s workshop in Ravenna before being definitively trained as a goldsmith, firstly by De Lazzari and then by “Maestro” Giuseppe Marotto. These years were of fundamental importance for discovering and grasping the secrets of the trade, sitting for hours at the workbench while carefully working with his hands to create shapes and drawings and learning about the precious stones and gems that were to be set in gold. The more complex the object and the more difficult the shapes were, the more Marco Gerbella felt he was honing his skills; he thus acquired confidence and resourcefulness.

Without such a commitment of time and effort, fuelled by the curiosity that has characterized Marco Gerbella’s life and work, it would not have been possible to create such wonderful jewels, these unique, luxury pieces, rings and precious items studded with diamonds and stones that radiate light and majesty. Each jewel incarnates the skilful mastery and dexterity born of many years of impassioned training.

Journeys, passions and life experiences live on Unique Pieces

The importance of these jewels stems not only from skills acquired at the workbench but also from a love of travel that led Marco Gerbella to visit many locations in search of precious stones and gems. He witnessed first-hand the origins of the minerals and gems, he learnt to recognize their facets and hues and closely observed the people who worked them.

Thus, he set out on journeys to far-flung destinations throughout the world. He undertook a trip to Jaipur, following in the footsteps of stone-buyers from centuries past to find sapphires and emeralds to engrave with floral motifs; then, there was an adventure in Africa where rose-cut, amber-coloured diamonds are set in splendid jewels. In China he visited the Shanghai cutting-rooms and was able to discover the rare lavender jade with its extraordinary qualities and powers. The travelling and the thirst for discovery continue today.

High quality and original precious

Hence, all the gems and precious stones as well as the diamonds used in Marco Gerbella’s jewels are certified as regards their origin and processing

The Unique Pieces by Marco Gerbella Orafi are conceived, designed and produced by artisans; they are original and unrepeatable and can only be seen and purchased directly and by appointment at the Marco Gerbella Orafi Boutique in Ravenna.

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The Unique Pieces by Marco Gerbella Orafi can only be seen and purchased directly and by appointment at the Marco Gerbella Orafi Boutique in Ravenna.
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