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A story of passion, art and sea

This is my story. It’s a story full of love, wise experience, precious places and people.
They are precious like the jewels that I finely crafted with care and mastery.
This is a story of passion, art and sea. This is Marco Gerbella Orafi.

I am a goldsmith who loves the sea

The sea and the water are my natural elements; they infuse me with freedom and a sense of beauty. My other element is gold. Water and gold.

Goldsmith has always been a part of me, first like an apprentice in a workshop in Ravenna, then like a model maker in the De Lazzari company in Casale Monferrato, and finally like a goldsmith in the atelier of master Giuseppe Marotto, an artist of the Beautiful and the Elegant. I refined my creativity, my technique, my craft with him.

At 27 years old, I was ready to open my workshop and to buy my first sailboat. Water and gold.

I opened the jewelry store in 2007, in downtown Ravenna, where my jewels, unique pieces of fine jewelry, found attentive and refined customers. 

I am always on the move, I have so many new ideas and projects that, in 2010, I created the Piccole Gioie line, a different jewelry collection, that is young and innovative, fresh and original and it’s an interpreter of a new way of understanding jewelry in line with the air of change that also involves the world of jewelry. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings in strictly 18K gold wire heart shaped. 

The simplicity of the form reveals the deep knowledge of the craft like a perfect combination of an innate imagination and a practice of many years.

My love for the sea accompanies myself, being on a surfboard or on a boat or immersed in seeing fish, seabed and coral reefs. Travelling also enriches my creativity and expands my views because I am always looking for inspiration for my jewelry.

My story is the story of my family, of my partner and of my three children. They are the reason and the engine of my life. My staff is my crew, it’s another family. Together we create ideas and implement projects, we discuss about work and how to interpret and meet the needs of our clientele. We live through the successes and face the difficulties. And then there are my brothers, my first collaborators, confidants and allies: with Dario, I share responsibility for the workshop and Gian Piero, who is a graphic designer, was the creator of the company’s logo and image. 

My story is water and gold, my nature and my craft. One is essential to the existence of the other and vice versa. Ravenna unites them; it is the water of the sea and the gold of the mosaics.

Craftsmanship and Unique Pieces

Italy has a prestigious and high-level goldsmithing tradition. The art of the goldsmith has always been synonymous with working by hand, with bench tools and above all the remarkable skills and knowledge of goldsmiths. Today we use sophisticated technologies, and some of the processes are carried out with the aid of computers and machinery.

Marco Gerbella Orafi has worked for years on the creation of precious jewels, unique luxury pieces, rings with diamonds and precious stones, set to form wonderful shapes and forms that radiate light and majesty. The skills learned over years in the workshop and through study are respected and elevated to the highest level.

We form a great crew

This is the staff at Marco Gerbella Orafi

Cristina Musconi . Goldsmith and cofounder
Maria Dubbini . Goldsmith and restorer
Dario Gerbella . Workshop Manager / Marco’s brother
Alice Tiranno . Goldsmith
Federica Belletti . Administration manager
Valentina Gardini . Sales and Orders Manager
Martina Masotti . Marketing Manager
Lucia Foschini . order manager
Ness Bini-Gerbella . Sale development, fashion model and Marco’s daughter
Olivia Zani . boutique
Perla Baccarini . boutique

We are Marco Gerbella Orafi
made of passion, art and sea

A group of people actually form a crew a when they share values, passions, goals and rules. When people listen to each other and compare and mix opinions, when each individual contribution becomes part of the whole, when you enter the workshop or store and hear people who, like you, are living the moment, living their work and involved in creating…

Each depends on the others; they complement each other, and all are working towards the same result.

A crew becomes a laboratory of creativity when it works with deep respect for what it was, for the traditions and arts of the past and with sincere enthusiasm for what it will become, for the innovations and creations still to be invented. 

A crew becomes a family when we care for each other, when well-being is as important as working well.

This is who we are. Marco Gerbella Orafi.

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